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Hey designers! Let me guess, you're:

Sound spot on? Then this course is for you...

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This JavaScript video series is unique because:

It's taught by a designer

Most JavaScript tutorials are taught by developers. This series is taught by a designer, and it's tailored for designers.

You're busy, and you don't have time to waste

We'll only be covering stuff that's applicable to you as a designer. We'll leave out everything else.

It's hands-on

Rather than sit, and try to digest boring definitions, we'll dive right into building an interactive HTML prototype, and have fun learning JS together along the way.

Who am I?

Dave Martin Headshot

I'm Dave Martin. I'm currently the a product lead at Automattic. Before that, I was interim-CEO of, VP of product at Help Scout, the Creative Director and Growth Lead at Automattic, and prior to that, I was the sole designer for a number of years at Campaign Monitor.

Throughout this course, you'll learn

Everything you need - to start building interactive HTML prototypes

  • Animation/Transitions
  • Lazy Loading
  • Custom Tooltips
  • Random Numbers
  • Random Strings
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Scroll to Top
  • Custom Modals
  • Working w/ Cookies
  • Working w/ LocalStorage
  • Loops
  • Objects
  • Arrays
  • Events
  • JS Templating
  • Working with JSON
  • About the Console
  • Closure
  • Selecting Elements
  • Focus/Select
  • Get, and Set Values
  • Public/Private Functions
  • Showing/Hiding
  • Editing CSS
  • Moving Around the DOM
  • Data Properties
  • String Manipulation
  • If Conditions

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